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Musings about Photography and the Science behind it


Just in case anyone was wondering (I was), it turns out that my smartphone camera produces a better SMI color score off a ColorChecker Passport target than a full frame Nikon D610 DSLR .

My latest phone, a late 2017 incarnation of the LG V34, produces raw DNG files, so I went poking around.  From what I could gather the sensor is most likely Sony’s IMX 234[1], 1/2.6″, Back Side Illuminated, stacked and based on the latest and cleanest Exmor RS technology.   The sensor’s 1.12um pixels produce 16MP raw files with 10-bit depth, which I understand to be typical for current phone cameras.  Other features include phase detect AF, an electronic shutter with variable integration time, HDR, hot pixel suppression and raw noise reduction (ugh!) – plus a slew of video features. (read more…)

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Musings about Photography